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Rick Simpson nature's answer for cancer E-Book

Includes the Rick Simpson protocol by Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer FREE

Both books sent via email within 24 hours

For those of you who would prefer to make your own oil we have made the book available for purchase.

I do not agree with the use of THC in treating cancer as it only numbs and masks the issue rather than attempting to cure any illness. With our oil, Supplements, Diet, Excercise, and treatments such as Hyperthermia, we can destroy cancer cells and just about any disease. 

The majority of people believe Rick Simpson invented all this and is the messiah but the truth is Professor Raphael Mechoulam is the one who discovered this all 40 years ago including the endocannabinoid system, CB1 and CB2 receptors. Rick Simpson advises people to give up all medications and simply buy his book and make your own oil and this is foolish. First, you never give up anything until your doctor advises of improvement and secondly someone with 12 weeks to live can't wait 6 months for plants to grow it is just pathetic let alone illegal and dangerous to do in Australia. How he can tell people to not buy oil and only buy his books is a disgrace as anyone selling oil is a scammer. Many people around the world know how to make oil and without buying his books it is all free on youtube or you can purchase from sites just like ours as there are over 100 manufacturers around the world who produce oil in labs and not the backyard.


and his documentary below


There is no magic pill or oil as the book would have you believe it is a combination of everything listed above but if we are told to "swallow this" it will cure we tend to take the magic pill or oil rather than commit to hard work including diet and exercise. This is why so many fat pills exist out there and every week a new magic cure to lose weight appears. Just like losing weight getting well and curing anything requires hard work and lifestyle change. 

If you are seriously ill and require help please contact us today we can supply oil but there is more to fighting any medical issue than just swallowing oil and if our plans are followed you will become a new person. Please never believe the words 'there is nothing further we can do" as there are many options.

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